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How to feel happy in an instant

Happiness seems to be a very elusive state for many people these days, despite being quite a simple feeling really. In fact, the Oxford dictionary defines 'happy' as 'feeling pleasure or contentment'.

So, how many things can you think of as pleasant? It doesn't have to be anything big or complicated. A breath of fresh air after a long stint in the office, a cheerful birdsong, some beautiful flowers, smell of coffee? The list can go on and everyone will have their own unique things that make them think: 'Yes, I'm glad I am here.'

Most importantly, simply recalling and savouring our pleasant memories in our mind will also make us feel just as happy as when we were actually experiencing them.

Why is it important to have these happy moments as often as we can?

Firstly, they help us to relax which will help our general well-being.

Secondly, they help us to manage difficult situations by refocusing and giving us time to find the best solution, just like a lighthouse can guide the sailors in the dark sea.

So, here is a little tip: make a list of the things you find pleasant. Keep it close by and every time you feel like you are falling apart or get a sinking feeling, check the list to see what you can do or think to make yourself happy in an instant. Very soon it will become your second (if not first) nature and you won't need the list any more, so it will be effortless.

Happy Days!

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