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New Year's Resolutions. All Forgotten... Or Not?

New Year is not something we talk about in June, do we?

That's understandable: those who are not tied up with GCSEs or A-Levels are quite busy either packing in anticipation of well deserved break or last-minute-holiday-booking. Who wants to think about winter or Christmas or New Year? Right?

Yes, if you believe that New Year's Resolutions are a waste of time.

But what if you are someone who takes them quite seriously? Well, maybe more like a game, but still seriously enough to actually think about 'what would my New Year's Resolution would be this time'?

Do you still remember what you resolution is for this year in June?

If you do, then have you stuck with it?

You still have almost half of the time to make it happen and then you'll be able to say in December: 'Yes, I have done it!'


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