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Does meditation make people more selfish?

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying the summer.

It's so great to have a nice holiday or just a short break and switch off from all day to day duties.

Or if you can't afford such luxuries then finding just five to fifteen minutes a day to go quiet and still - as in meditation - will also do wonders for keeping sane in our fast-paced, highly competitive world.

Meditation has been around for centuries if not more. In the Eastern cultures at least. While in the West such precious moments of reconnecting with our inner peace and quiet were provided by praying - when more people used to be religious and devoted more time to their Christian (or any other) faith.

Despite widely acknowledged benefits of meditating there have been some reports recently that meditation can cause people to become more self-absorbed and even selfish.

Personally, I can't agree with this view as, from my experience, meditation actually helps to open my mind to the needs of others and to connect mentally to the whole world.

Also there are quite a lot of people that I know who would rather benefit from shifting their focus onto their own needs.

After all it is much nicer to deal with a calm and centered person than someone who is stretched too thin, irritable, anxious and close to a nervous breakdown.

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