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Simple ways to deal with failures.

The word 'failure' has been cropping up a lot recently . People hang their heads and talk to me about their mistakes, misadventures and mishaps. So, I thought I need to take a firm approach to this 'failure' thing and share it with others.

The first thing to remember is that whatever failure means to me or you personally - it happens to others too and you are not alone.

Next thing is - be prepared. I don't mean set yourself up for it, but do not expect an easy ride. Know that a few bumps can happen along the way to whichever goal you are trying to achieve. Knowing this will take the edge of things and you won't feel so overwhelmed as when you are taken by surprise.

Once you have recognised and/or realised that what has happened/is happening can be described by the 'f'-word, do pay attention to things.

Don't rush yourself and in fact, slow down a bit, give yourself time and space to process what has been done wrong, what worked and what was OK. Sometimes things can be salvaged even if it feels like the end of it all.

Take it as a learning curve and see what you can do to improve the way you behave and deal with your tasks or challenges, make notes (if only mentally) and make another attempt. When you are ready - move onto the next step. Or choose direction if you have to. It's all OK.

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