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Find Your Christmas Self

Christmas Eve is upon us. This is a holiday season, time to reconnect with our families, enjoy , celebrate... Right?

Well, yes and no. Yes, if you are able to do all this in harmony with your own feelings without having to step over yourself, without having to bend all the way backwards to accommodate other people's wishes and needs.

No, if others expect you to do something that would actually go against your core values and beliefs, if you are attempting to fit in with their expectations for the sake of fitting in, just because you are afraid of being lonely.

No wonder Christmas can be such a stressful time then, as it is the time when the gap between what you are searching for and what you have in reality can be so intensely highlighted in the overall merriment around you.

Maybe that is why so many of us overindulge over the festive season, maybe it's not simply the temptation of delicious food that causes us to overeat, for example.

And maybe that is where the feelings of being hungover come from on the next day, even if you hadn't had a drop of alcohol. The slight tingling of a vague disappointment when you think to yourself that the next Christmas should hopefully be better.

Does it ever come true, the next Christmas that is just perfect for you? If yes, congratulations. You can stop reading this now.

If no, then, maybe, you have been searching in the wrong place? Have you looked within yourself? How well do you know what YOU actually need to be happy? And if you do know, do you have what it takes to make it happen so that you are true to your own self? Maybe when you do, Christmas will be a peaceful time at last?

Have a good Christmas everyone and a very Happy New Year!

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