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Three Secrets To Enjoying Life

Life can be tricky, life can be boring, it can also feel like a long hard slog.

Some people say to me: 'All I've ever known is work, hardship, and then some more work and nothing else.'

Others keep going on about how 'life isn't fair'.

And the most practical ones just sigh: 'Life is life, what do you want?' When looking through such a lens, of course, life on the whole will look like a pretty grim picture.

The people I described above only operate in two modes: 'moan-moan-moan and then moan-some-more' or 'grit-your-teeth and then grin-and-bear-it'.

Well, whatever it is we are doing with our lives, it is actually quite possible to enjoy it as well. Enjoy the process, so to speak.

Interested? If yes, now I will share with you the main three things that help me to enjoy my life no matter what it throws at me:

  1. Think of it as a movie. Whatever you do - don't take it too seriously (healthy humour can always salvage the worst moments) and don't be afraid to change channels (in other words, to create change). And the best bit is - you get to play the central part as it is your own life.

  2. Choose your company wisely. Just like some people can ruin the movie experience life can be totally poisoned and wasted away on toxic relations. Don't put up with bullies, liars, manipulators and cheats just for the sake of having company.

  3. Avoid distractions and live in the moment, which means commit yourself to it fully without losing the plot.

As you can see, it's all about your approach, again. Just remember:

You are the only one who can enjoy your life so don't expect others to do it for you.

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