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02/02/2020 - Can you spot anything special about the numbers?

So, hello, and it's good to be back. I did have a long break from the blog due to life getting so busy that some things had to wait. But, having said that, it's worth pointing out that some things are worth waiting for.

Now, I think, I need to explain a little about the title of this post.

It's something that somebody pointed out to me today, saying: "Do you know what day is it today?"

And I said: "No", as I didn't know what to say - apart from the fact that it was Sunday.

"It's the date - it's 02/02/2020! See the pattern?", was the reply.

Which made me think: does everything in our life have to fit a pattern or make sense all the time? Isn't it a slightly harsh expectation that some of us don't seem to be able to shake off?

I guess everyone would have a different answer to those questions, and that's fine. After all each of us is unique and special. Never mind the special date!

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