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Develop Your Daring Side

We all live in a society with high regard for norm compliance. In fact, every society, every tribe or group of humans will have

certain norms and rules to comply with and conform to.

It's all for the better good, of course. That is how our life is regulated to keep everyone safe and productive. Notice how I am following main rules for blog posts here, for example, formatting and including images and all that.

It makes things easier, it makes life easier for everyone when we all follow the rules. That is true. But at the same time, it makes us easier to be led by those who want to lead, those who want the power simply for the sake of it.

So, compliance, or obedience can easily leave some of us feeling not able to act or even think for ourselves, to follow our own dreams and desires. And how are we going to stay true to ourselves if we don't even know anymore where to begin to be ourselves?

My point here is that whilst avoiding unnecessary risks is wise, when it becomes our default behaviour, it's all too easy then to miss our chances or opportunities for making changes and improving our lives.

Also the meek might be blessed but I am struggling to imagine how they can drive the necessary societal progress and reforms, more so: has anyone even asked the meek if they actually want to inherit the earth - the state it is in now, I mean.

So, how about finding that tiny spark of daring within and tending to it until it lights up your whole world, energizing and and driving your personal growth. Because, at the end of the day, they who dare, win.

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