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Don't be afraid to make a fresh start.

Life can be messy, it can be hard, it can be unpredictable and throw us back quite a lot. In fact, it can be rather challenging and really testing sometimes.

And that is OK. As long as we are prepared to get up and start again, we will endure.

That is how tenacity develops as part of our personality. By the way, remember how many times you had to fall off that bike in the process of learning to ride it? Let's go further back and imagine what would have happened if you had stopped after your first attempt to learn how to walk when you were a baby....

This is how evolution in nature happens too: the cycle of life is repeating over and over whilst the successful features are passed down the generations.

So, what is stopping us from starting over and over again with the focus on what worked last time and keeping that tiny grain of success and allowing it to develop and grow? Even if the only positive thing about it was that one very first step.

Even if it seems like a complete failure at the moment and you feel like you've fallen and lost the game or the race, a year from now you might be able to view it in a completely different light - if you try again and do succeed this time. So, what do you say? Time to get up, brush off the dust and get back to the start line, perhaps? And if you feel like changing the game, why not try that too?

All the best!

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