Apart from individual client consultations and therapy sessions I am also happy to conduct workshops, support groups and talks. 

Here are the most popular topics that I cover:


  1. Stress management and meditation.

  2. Self-esteem and confidence building.

  3. Hypnobirthing: how it can benefit the new mother, her baby and the father.

  4. Mindful living - beautiful life.

  5. Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and NLP: what is what and how do they work? 

  6. Stop anxiety and fear ruining your life.

  7. Change management.



All talks can be arranged for any number of people and can last between 30 to 60 minutes which can be agreed on at the time of booking. In some cases there may be a small fee to cover the venue rent.


To book a talk, please, call on 07824643766 or fill in the contact form